Dustin Rhodes Celebrates Thirteen Years Of Sobriety

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Dustin Rhodes has taken to social media to celebrate thirteen years of sobriety, tweeting that he was now living his “best life”.

As successful and accomplished as Dustin’s career has been, Rhodes has been vocal about the struggles he has faced in his personal life. Speaking on an episode of AEW: Unrestricted last year, Rhodes would detail his addiction to alcohol and drugs. At the point of hitting rock bottom, Dustin credits WWE and his father Dusty Rhodes for saving his life:

“I was very bad into drugs and alcohol for a good chunk of four or five years. It got really terribly bad. I did not care about life, I did not care about my daughter. I did not care about anything except drinking and taking pills and doing cocaine. That’s all I cared about and it got really bad. I had a three day binge and I could not snap out of it. It scared me. That was my rock bottom. The third day happens and it’s 4 in the morning. A lot of things are going on in my body. At that point I had lost everything because I pawned everything.

I lived in a little garage that was connected to somebody’s house that I was renting. I had nothing except clothes and a few things. No cell services. Dad gave me one of his cell phones. If I needed cell service, I had to crawl up the hill. It is pouring down rain. It is 4 in the morning. My wife is there now with me through all this. She helps me crawl out.

I am so sh*t faced, I crawl up the hill and call my Dad. I tell him that I need help. WWE has the Wellness Program. They got me in the next day. I loaded up on drugs and alcohol going into rehab. I get out of rehab 30 days later and I never turned back. It’s almost 12 years and from that day I got out of rehab, Dad would call me every day to make sure I was working my program. I went an AA meeting for 2 years straight every single night. Every phone call would end with him saying he is proud of me.”

Following his battle with addiction, Rhodes now claims to have remained sober for over a decade. In a recent Twitter post, Dustin celebrated his lasting sobriety:

“Very proud of me today!! Today marks my 13th anniversary for being clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. Absolutely living my best life now!”

Many of Dustin’s comrades from multiple promotions took to the comments section with messages of encouragement. Ricky Morton, Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn and Erik Redbeard all posted heartfelt messages, as well as WWE Hall of Famer Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs who wrote “Proud of you, brother!”

Inside The Ropes congratulates Dustin Rhodes for this monumental achievement.

Credit for the transcription: Sportskeeda