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Duke Hudson Reveals Unexpected New Look On NXT 2.0, Cameron Grimes Issues One More Challenge

Duke Hudson Cameron Grimes

After succumbing to Cameron Grimes at WarGames and getting his head shaved, Duke Hudson showed up on NXT 2.0 with a new look–but he wasn’t bald as would be expected!

After weeks of Cameron Grimes besting Duke Hudson in his poker lounge, Hudson and Grimes met for a poker showdown on the November 17th episode of NXT. When Grimes was once again successful, an enraged Hudson cut the hair and beard of the former Million Dollar Champion.

The next week, Grimes challenged the Australian to a Hair vs. Hair match at NXT 2.0 WarGames. After a vicious back and forth, the crypto-king was able to capture the victory, albeit while grabbing Duke Hudson’s tights.

A furious Hudson did his best to evade getting a makeover, but Grimes was eventually able to get him into the barber’s chair and shave the head of the dastardly dealer.

Fans anxiously waited to see if Hudson would finish the shave job himself and appear on NXT 2.0 completely bald, but instead he showed up claiming to still have a full head of hair while obviously wearing a ridiculous blond wig.

As the poker king complained, Cameron Grimes interrupted to point out the farcical nature of Hudson’s claim and remind everyone that he shaved Duke’s hair at WarGames. To settle the score and make sure the feud is over, Grimes challenged Hudson to a No Holds Barred match and Hudson accepted.

The two brawled after the challenge was issues and Cameron Grimes tried to rip the wig off of Duke Hudson’s head, but Hudson had put on headgear to make sure his new hair stayed in place.

The No Holds Barred Match to settle the score will take place on next week’s episode of NXT 2.0.