The Dudley Boyz React To The Usos’ Heart-Warming Tribute During WWE Day 1

Dudley Boyz

At WWE Day 1, The Usos paid tribute to veteran tag duo The Dudley Boyz during their match against The New Day, and the gesture did not go unnoticed by the WWE Hall of Famers.

At Day 1, The Usos defended their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships against The New Day’s King Woods and Kofi Kingston.

At the end of the hard-hitting affair, the Bloodline members were able to retain their titles using a move that was used by The Dudley Boyz – D-Von and Bubba Ray – to put away some of the best tag teams in wrestling, the 3D. It was noted on commentary that they called their version the 1D, for ‘One and Done’

Bubba Ray – now going by Bully Ray – reacted to Jimmy and Jey’s use of the move on Twitter, saying “Nothin but [love]” and shared a gif of Clint Eastwood tipping his hat.

Dear @WWEUsos

Nothin but [heart emoji]

xoxo, Bubba”

The Usos responded by thanking the WWE Hall of Famer for his blessings.

“Best Tag team finisher in the business.…thanks for the blessings uce.
@TestifyDVon @bullyray5150”

D-Von Dudley also weighed in to congratulate The Usos on the match and praise their use of the 3D.

“Fantastic match between the Usos and the new day!!! Great way to end the match with a 3-D fantastic job boys …. Oh testify!!!!!”

The Dudley Boyz had an illustrious career that saw them capturing tag team gold in multiple promotions including ECW, WWE, and TNA. They were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2018.