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Duane ‘Gillberg’ Gill Suffers Heart Attack

Gillberg posing in the ring

Duane Gill, the wrestler behind infamous Goldberg parody act Gillberg, has suffered a heart attack – as announced by James Ellsworth.

In an emotional video uploaded to Ellsworth’s Twitter account, the former WWE star explained that Gill had suffered a heart attack yesterday but elaborated that he’s doing okay and just came out of intensive care:

“I just got off the phone with Duane Gill[’s wife], also known as Gillberg. She wanted me to let everybody know what’s going on with Duane. He had a heart attack yesterday but he is doing okay, he’s doing good. He just got out of ICU, doing very well, so I just wanted to say that first and foremost. He is doing fine and he should be okay going forward.”

Ellsworth, a close friend of Gill outside the ring, went on to say he was hopeful the former Light Heavyweight champion would return home at the weekend to begin his recovery and asked fans to send their prayers for him and his family:

“Hopefully he’ll be home this weekend and start transitioning into getting back to normal, but his wife did want me to come on here and tell everyone what’s going on. So please send your prayers to Gillberg and his family at this time. And hopefully he’ll be home soon and back to his normal, fun, goofy self.”

Gill made sporadic appearances as Gillberg between 1998 and 2000 in WWE, during which time he became the longest reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in the company’s history. His most recent WWE appearance came in February 2017 during the critically-acclaimed Festival of Friendship, where Kevin Owens laid him out ahead of his Universal Championship defence against Goldberg later that month.

Everyone here at Inside The Ropes wishes Gillberg a speedy recovery.

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