Drew McIntyre’s WWE Contract Expiry Date Revealed

Drew McIntyre

Despite being involved in one of WrestleMania’s most talked about matches, Drew McIntyre’s WWE future is reportedly in question.

After competing in the highly-acclaimed Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat match against GUNTHER and Sheamus, McIntyre has been absent from WWE television.

The former WWE Champion was not on the post-WrestleMania Monday Night Raw and was then reportedly pulled from the April 7th, edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

According to Wade Keller the Scottish Superstar was pulled from the show either because of injuries sustained in the match or due to his unhappiness surrounding issues with money and recent creative.

McIntyre has previously expressed his uncertainty about his creative plans. In a 2022 interview with Newsday, he spoke about not being too pleased with his creative direction in the company.

“Right about the time where I fought Lashley a couple of times, I was telling these interesting—or, not so interesting—Scottish stories. That period maybe was not one of my favourites.

But, hey, send me a challenge and I’m going to try and pull it off. Nonetheless, there was a period where I felt like, ‘This doesn’t feel like it’s quite working right.’

Drew McIntyre Still Has Time On His WWE Contract

Dues to the news of his supposed unhappiness and removal from SmackDown the speculation surrounding McIntyre’s contract status is rife. But now an update from Fightful Select has revealed how much time he has remaining on his contract.

According to the outlet, they haven’t been provided with a clear reason as to why he was left off the blue brand before disclosing his contract has “about nine months on it”. If that amount of time is correct then McIntyre could be a free agent come 2024.

McIntyre initially joined WWE in 2007. His start in the company could not have gone better as he was introduced by Vince McMahon as the “Chosen One” and future WWE Champion.

However, despite his strong beginnings on the main roster, the former Intercontinental Champion slid down the card and was released in June 2014.

The Scottish star then spent the next three years reinventing himself via spells on the independent circuit and IMPACT! Wrestling, before returning to the promotion in April 2017. The second time around McIntyre became NXT Champion before winning the Royal Rumble and the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36.