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Drew McIntyre vs. Goldberg Confirmed For Royal Rumble

Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg

WWE has confirmed that Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Championship against Goldberg at the Royal Rumble.

Despite testing positive for COVID-19, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre accepted Goldberg’s challenge on this week’s RAW, with WWE making it official just moments later.

McIntyre would confirm he wasn’t feeling any symptoms from his COVID-19 diagnosis on the show, before accepting the challenge of the two-time WWE Universal Champion.

Goldberg, I accept your challenge… at the Royal Rumble, you’re next!”

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg challenged McIntyre to the showdown at the conclusion of WWE Legends Night on last week’s RAW.

“Drew McIntyre, I was in the back and I was thinking, there couldn’t be a better representative to be WWE Champion. You’ve got size, you’ve got speed, you’ve got athleticism – but the one thing you don’t got is respect. Yeah. Now, I heard what you said but that’s not what you were thinking because, when you addressed these guys, these legends up here, you look at them as a bunch of washed up, tired old men and women.

“In your mind you think, in your prime, that you’re better than every one of them in their prime. You think not one of them poses a threat to you whatsoever. My friend, that’s where you’re wrong and that’s where I step in. It’s about respect. So, don’t think that I’m coming out here and I’m demanding anything, by any stretch. Don’t think that I’m posing a threat. No, sir, I’m coming to challenge man to man at the Royal Rumble.”

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