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Drew McIntyre “Very Open To Hearing Pitches” Outside WWE

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WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, has orated his desire to work outside World Wrestling Entertainment and stated that he open to hearing pitches that have nothing to do with the company.

The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena are all names that have managed to transcend professional wrestling in some form or another, be it on the silver screen, as a host or on the page – in most cases all apply – and now it appears that ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ has designs on following his peers into other mediums of entertainment.

Speaking to SeventySix Capital Leadership Series, the master of the Claymore stated his want to seek opportunities outside of the ring should the correct offers come his way:

“I’m very open to hearing pitches. People come to me all the time with potential ideas. My big thing is that if I can help, I want to make a difference. Right now, I’m so focused on being WWE Champion and bringing those eyeballs, I just can’t imagine doing much outside this world unless it helps someone else. That’s where my mind is at right now. When I retire, I will still work in this industry in some capacity. If there is some avenue that I feel will help my brand, I will go there. More specifically, if I can make a difference for somebody, I will be there at the drop of the hat. Everyone asks, ‘are you going to do movies or TV shows one day?’ Maybe one day. If they do Braveheart 2 where they put Wallace back together and he comes back as a zombie, I’ll play him. Right now, I’m very focused on WWE.”

Following his WWE Championship defence against Goldberg at the Royal Rumble on January 31, Drew McIntyre was betrayed by best friend Sheamus and will now defend his coveted gold against ‘The Celtic Warrior’, Randy Orton, The Miz, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy inside the Elimination Chamber on February 21.

Credit for the interview: SeventySix Capital Letters Series

h/t for the transcription: Fightful