Drew McIntyre Claims Tyson Fury Is Obsessed With Him

Drew Mcintyre Tyson Fury

Drew McIntyre has claimed that Tyson Fury is obsessed with him as the pair continue to trade shots ahead of a potential showdown in the ring.

For the past two years, Tyson Fury and Drew McIntyre have been mentioning each other on social media and in interviews with increasing regularity.

What initially appeared to be little more than idle bravado, has grown into what many believe is a genuine rivalry which could lead to a match somewhere down the line. This speculation only increased when WWE announced that they will be holding a major event at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on September 3rd.

The event titled ‘Clash at the Castle’ would appear to be the perfect home for a titanic all-British bout between the pair.

Speaking in a new interview with New York Newsday, McIntyre addressed a potential match with Fury. The former WWE Champion said that while he would be “insane” to get into a boxing ring, the “ball is in his court” over a WWE appearance.

“First of all, I think we’re talking about WWE. I think I’d be insane to get in the [boxing] ring with possibly the best boxer of all time, certainly top five. The ball’s in his court.”

“I appreciate that my name is always in his mouth. He’s got an obsession with Drew McIntyre, which is kind of weird. But I kind of like it at the same time. We’ve been going back and forth to each other nonstop for a couple of years. He’s got our number. My focus is on Roman Reigns and the titles right now. But if he wants to do business, he knows our people. Give us a call.”

After out-classing Dillian White at Wembley in April, to retain his WBC Heavyweight Championship and remain undefeated, Tyson Fury announced his intention to retire from boxing. While the validity of the retirement claims will only be proven over time, the announcement came after Fury said in March that he intends to return to WWE.

Tyson Fury made his first appearance with WWE back in early October 2019. The undefeated fighter confronted Braun Strowman during an episode of SmackDown while he was watching as a ‘fan’ before eventually going on to face Strowman at Crown Jewel.

In Saudi Arabia, Fury won the match knocking out his rival. Fury later briefly teamed with Strowman at a SmackDown taping in Manchester, England the following month.