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Drew McIntyre Talks Reverting Back To Old Entrance Theme

Drew McIntyre Thumb

WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, has given fans hope that his old ‘Broken Dreams’ theme tune may make a return to WWE television in the coming months.

Retro WWE themes have been in demand recently with fans calling for Sheamus to re-use his popular ‘Written In My Face’ song which was synonymous with the Irishman for years, while Jeff Hardy has promised that he will return to his ‘No More Words’ entrance music once fans start to return to WWE shows.

Now, the WWE Champion is the latest in a line of performers to potentially revert to once loved ditties upon the outcry of devotees.

Speaking to the Battleground Podcast, Drew McIntyre discussed the possibility of returning his ‘Broken Dreams’ theme which accompanied him to the ring over a decade ago when he was proclaimed ‘The Chosen One’: