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Drew McIntyre Shows Off Gruesome War Wounds From Hell In A Cell

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has shown off his brutal battle scars following his Hell In A Cell match with Bobby Lashley where he failed to capture the WWE Championship.

McIntyre earned yet another title shot against Lashley after defeating Kofi Kingston in a match on Raw. The Scotsman challenged Lashley to face him inside the Cell after Lashley added the stipulation that this would be McIntyre’s final shot at the WWE Title while The All Mighty one was still champion.

In a match that included tables, the steel steps as well as the Cell itself, it’s no wonder that the challenger found himself worse for wear afterward. Taking to social media McIntyre shared some gruesome images of his back after his war with Lashley.

McIntyre added the message:

It’s been a wild ride. I’ve always wanted to make all of you proud, and I hoped that you would get the chance to see me live and in person as WWE Champion. Looks like that dream is on hold for a while. Thanks for all your support. #HIAC”

Bobby Lashley also took to social media after the match, but rather than share his war wounds the WWE Champion poked fun at his defeated challenger.

With Drew McIntyre now unable to compete for the WWE Title while Lashley remains champion, this means Lashley could face a new challenger come Money In The Bank on July 18th. Looking further into the future there is no word on who could be competing for the WWE Championship come SummerSlam.

Reports have suggested WWE is looking to bring back some of their biggest hitters for the event including the sixteen-time champion of the world John Cena and ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar.