Drew McIntyre Says It’s “Only A Matter Of Time” Before He Faces WALTER


As Drew McIntyre heads into his clash with Bobby Lashley at WWE Hell In A Cell, the Scot already has one eye on the future.

During an appearance on Rasslin’ With Brandon Walker, Drew McIntyre opened up about the current main event scene in WWE. The former WWE Champion praised the level of competition, adding that there are multiple Superstars capable of being the ‘top guy’ in the company.

“Yeah, and I’d say that is the awesome thing about it,” shared McIntyre. “It’s that we’re starting to develop more of those top-level stars that can carry the ball. You remember back in the day where there was just multiple people that you could see just taking that top spot, and fighting it out at the top [and trying] to keep the belt from as many top players as possible. And to have a couple like myself, Lashley, and Randy Orton, who can step in at any point, and a few others on the roster who step up at any point, that is exactly what we need. You see on SmackDown that Roman is so far and away, right now, above everybody. It is cool on RAW that we have a couple of guys at the same level kind of fighting it out and it’s unpredictable and can go any way.”

Looking ahead to the future, McIntyre was asked about a potential showdown with WALTER. The giant Austrian has reigned over NXT UK for a record 797 days and currently stands as WWE’s longest reigning champion. WALTER won the NXT United Kingdom Championship from Pete Dunne in April of 2019, most recently defending it against Rampage Brown at NXT UK Prelude.

McIntyre explained that it is “only a matter of time” until he faces off against the Austrian, before praising the long-reigning champion.

“I can’t wait until it happens, it’s going to happen,” asserted McIntyre. “It’s just a matter of time. You know, we rolled in the ring a few minutes at Survivor Series. [2019] We got into a big man chop battle, you can decide for yourself who won that one, obviously I’m going to be a bit biased.

“But WALTER is just someone who, talk about believability in the ring, you watch a WALTER match and he makes you believe. He’s so big, unique looking, and dominant, with such a believable style. He is somebody who has done a great job as the NXT UK representative and a representative of European wrestling. He came out of nowhere. I remember the first day I saw him. It was right before I came back to the WWE. I was at wXw in Germany and was like, ‘Who is that? Why have I never seen him before?’ That’s somebody who I would’ve picked as one of my guys to work with during that time, but we never got the chance to get together because I never knew he existed, quite frankly. But now, everyone knows he exists and that match is going to happen eventually.”

Drew McIntyre goes into his upcoming match with Bobby Lashley looking to become a three-time WWE Champion. On the most recent episode of RAW the two men signed the contracts for their upcoming bout. However, the signing didn’t pass completely without incident.

McIntyre came to the ring first and told Lashley and the rest of the world that he was never going to give up. This eventually brought the champion and MVP to the ring, who requested that if McIntyre lost he could never challenge Lashley again.

The Scot quickly agreed before adding that he wanted to the match to take place inside Hell In A Cell.

As Lashley and his entourage turned to leave, McIntyre dramatically cut the table in half with his trademark sword.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.