Drew McIntyre Says “It’s A Matter Of Time” Before He Uses His Sword

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has joked that he’ll have no problem using his Claymore on someone, and not his boot but rather his trusty sword he brings to the ring.

In recent months McIntyre has delved into his Scottish heritage as he took to wearing a kilt once again as part of his entrance and bringing a sword with him to the ring. While fans might think it’s merely a cool accessory for an entrance, the former WWE Champion has said it’s only a matter of time before someone tastes the steel in the ring.

Speaking on Table Talk Drew McIntyre says swinging his sword at Jinder Mahal has already nearly cost the Modern Day Maharaja a couple of fingers:

“It’s a matter of time. I’m bringing it to the ring so it would be a complete waste of time if I didn’t inevitably use it and everybody goes, ‘man, I thought we were wasting time bringing it to the ring. He finally used it.’ Now everyone is saying, ‘What did you think was going to happen?’ Jinder [Mahal] had a chair and swung it at me, I swung the sword, if you slow motion it, the sword if very close to his fingers and I assure you, it’s not a prop sword. His fingers would have come right off. One of these days, when the time is right, maybe the third hour of RAW. We can get away with a bit more. It’s a very compelling break spot [laughs], losing some fingers. There is a reason it was Jinder swinging a chair and not the more inexperienced guys.”

On RAW Drew McIntyre drew his sword and pointed it in the direction of WWE Champion Big E, perhaps signalling that McIntyre is ready to try and reclaim the gold he lost at the beginning of the year.

h/t Fightful for the transcription