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Drew McIntyre Reveals What Would Be “The Biggest Moment” Of His Career

Drew McIntyre in Hell in a Cell

Drew McIntyre has spoken about the victory that would be the crowning moment of his career, and he is now in a prime position to make it happen.

McIntyre has already beaten some of the biggest superstars in WWE since returning to the main roster in 2017, including Randy Orton, Goldberg, and Brock Lesnar, who he defeated to win his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36.

In the latest WWE Draft, the ‘Scottish Warrior’ has been one of the highest-profile names to switch brands and now finds himself on SmackDown. Speaking on WWE Talking Smack, McIntyre made clear that his target on the blue brand was Roman Reigns, who he sees as being at the top of the wrestling industry.

“It would mean a lot to me. You know it’s interesting, Roman and I have quite the history since I’ve returned to WWE and perhaps the roles are a little bit reversed. I’ve been watching what Roman’s been doing over this past year and I might not like how he does things a lot of the time but he is operating at a different level. He always talks about these levels, and right now he is at the absolute top. To be honest, not just the top of SmackDown, but the top of this industry.”

McIntyre went on to say that, with the position the Universal Champion is in now, defeating him for that title would be the biggest moment of his career.

“I want Roman. I want that match. I tangled with him last year. He needed a bit of help to get that victory, but I know I can take him down. As much as winning those two WWE Championships meant to me, where Roman’s at right now, taking him down, taking the Universal Championship would be the biggest moment of Drew McIntyre’s career.”

Drew McIntyre last faced the ‘Tribal Chief’ in the main event of Survivor Series in 2020 when both men were the champions of their respective brands. On that occasion, Reigns defeated McIntyre with assistance from his cousin, Jey Uso.

Before McIntyre can get his shot at Reigns, the Universal Champion will defend the title against Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.