Drew McIntyre Reveals Musical Number With Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre Thumb

According to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, both he and Randy Orton burst into song following the finale of this week’s Monday Night Raw.

The conclusion of the final edition of the red brand before Hell in a Cell caused a stir on social media when it appeared to prematurely end with everyone expecting more as McIntyre entered the demonic structure to confront ‘The Viper’.

Did Drew McIntyre Claymore his foe into the red mesh? Did Randy Orton drive the champion face first into the mat with a RKO? Did the pair tear down the WWE ThunderDome? Well…no actually.

The Scot recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to talk about his current reign and lift the lid on what happened when the cameras stopped filming.

“The ending of Raw, I know some people were on the fence about it, but realistically, what were we gonna do? Is he gonna drop me again? Is he gonna take off again? Are we gonna fight for the millionth time? If the cameras kept rolling, you would have saw what would’ve happened. Is everyone ready for what happened when the cameras went off? Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre broke into a song and dance! You missed it! They stole it from us, damnit!”

With Drew and Randy vying for best musical performance against AEW’s Chris Jericho and MJF, the WWE Champion stayed on the subject of Randy Orton and if he would change anything about his first reign on top of WWE’s mountain: