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Drew McIntyre Recalls Making Vince McMahon Flinch

Drew mcIntyre

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took to Twitter recently and commented on how he once made Vince McMahon flinch during a promo class.

McIntyre recently appeared on WWE Hall of Famer ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ on the WWE Network, and took to social media to share a clip from the show.

The clip shows a young McIntyre during his first stint with WWE. Working on a promo backstage with Fit Finlay, Vince McMahon and several other agents and personnel, McIntyre finishes his promo by pretending to throw a water bottle at McMahon, causing the WWE Chairman to flinch.

Jokingly referring to the incident as the “moment my push died”, McIntyre explained the background of the story and his actions:

“Back in the day Vince used to take promo class with a select group of younger talent on raw and Smackdown. And I was fortunate to be part of the group on Smackdown. He would give us these lessons, I’ll give a free one out there right now: a promo’s a match, a match is a promo. You’ve got to think of them the same way.

At the end of every class he would give us a minute to cut a promo on a random topic he would pick, and we had to apply the lessons we learned in promo class. So, you always need, of course, a big finish, and I think I was struggling for a big finish, and I reached down for that water bottle, and I decided to pretend to throw it at the boss, and he flinched. He never flinches.”

Drew McIntyre initially debuted on WWE’s main roster in 2009 as Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One”. McMahon would announce McIntyre as a “Future World Champion” and McIntyre would soon capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Talking of his debut and his high praise from McMahon, Drew explained to Austin that the pressure didn’t feel as intense as it should have:

“As weird as it is to say, it wasn’t as abnormal as it should be, when I saw that promo. When I started my career, as we talked about, I was always on top. In the UK, at the start of the scene I was always main event, I was always the guy. When I came to America: ‘Drew, you’re on the road.’ Is this normal, no? Well of course, I’m the guy, this is what happens to Drew, I’m always in the top spot. And I was always kind of educated and perhaps a bit cocky, ‘of course you’re going to sign me’, is what I said to Jonny [Laurinitus].”

After a strong debut with the company, McIntyre gradually slipped down the card until his release in 2014. Determined to prove his worth, McIntyre returned to the independent scene as Drew Galloway. He would achieve multiple successes and accolades on the independent scene, with appearances for such companies as ICW, Evolve and PWG.

McIntyre returned to WWE in 2017. This year McIntyre would go on to become the first-ever Scottish Royal Rumble winner and Scottish WWE Champion, a championship he currently holds.