Drew McIntyre Plans To Bring Back Old Theme Song ‘Broken Dreams’

Drew McIntyre - WWE UK PPV

Drew McIntyre has promised fans that he will do his best to bring back his old theme music, ‘Broken Dreams’.

During a recent appearance alongside Sheamus on the Battleground podcast, the former WWE Champion revealed his intent to use his debut WWE theme again. Playfully mocking Sheamus’ old music “Written on my Face’, which McIntyre refers to as “Lobster Head,” the Scottish Warrior has reassured fans he will push for his old theme to return:

“I don’t see anyone asking for ‘Lobster Head’, everyone’s asking about Broken freakin’ Dreams. One of these days, that music is going to come back. I hear this question all the time, I see it every day on social media. One of these days I’m going to get it approved, have it for a show. I’m positive we still have the rights to it.”

McIntyre would also follow up this promise with a warning that fans better know the lyrics in order to sing along when making his way to the ring:

“Everybody in the crowd better know the words to that song, because I go out there and people are like ‘what’s that?’ I’m going to be let down. Everyone start learning the lyrics because eventually I will get that song and I’ll ensure Sheamus will never have ‘Lobster Head’ as his theme song again”

‘Broken Dreams’ was first used by Drew McIntyre during his ‘Chosen One’ run back in 2010. Debuting on Smackdown in August of 2009, Vince McMahon would introduce McIntyre as personally hand picked by the WWE Chairman.

The theme itself would later become a favourite amongst fans. The song was penned by legendary WWE composer Jim Johnston, who is responsible for some of the companies most iconic music, including The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Drew McIntyre would return to WWE in 2017, however ‘Broken Dreams’ would be replaced with his current theme song, ‘Gallantry’. To this day, fans online still request a return to the theme song of old.

McIntyre has addressed this request several times in the past. As well as his most recent comments, Drew would comment on the theme song in 2020 in a previous appearance on the Battleground podcast:

“Personally, I have visions of it coming back for a special occasion and then hopefully releasing it for download because it is talked about all the time,” McIntyre said. “It was such a popular song. I personally think it’s great. If you look up the ‘Broken Dreams’ lyrics and check the story, it kind of matches my career story, which is interesting.

It’s just a little slow for me, right now. I love the bagpipes and war music. It doesn’t quite match the current Drew McIntyre, but I do want to bring it back for special occasions.”

Drew McIntyre was most recently in action on Monday Night RAW, where the former WWE Champion won his way into the 2021 men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Credit for Interview: Battleground Podcast

H/t for transcription: Fightful