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Drew McIntyre On Who He Asked Permission From To Use The Claymore

Drew McIntyre Claymore

Drew McIntyre has revealed the one man he asked for permission before solidifying the Claymore running dropkick as his finishing move.

In wrestling, one of the golden rules is competitors should not use each other’s moves, especially if they work for the same promotion. Over the years many stars have borrowed moves from those in other companies or from people whose in-ring days are behind them. Randy Orton adapted the cutter popularised in WCW by Diamond Dallas Page to great effect. In recent years, Kevin Owens has begun using the Stunner to finish opponents much like Stone Cold Steve Austin did throughout the Attitude Era and beyond.

Part of the etiquette surrounding moves will see someone ask permission in many cases if they want to use a move or adapt one. Drew McIntyre has discussed in his new book, A Chosen Destiny, which wrestling star he approached when he began using his Claymore kick.

McIntyre explained that he spoke to former Undisputed Era member Roderick Strong:

“Because he’s a friend, I went to him and said, ‘Hey, are you cool if I use this kick as a finish now that I’m in NXT?’ Thankfully he was cool with that.”

For many years Strong used a very similar move to the Claymore that he called the Sick Kick. Strong made his NXT debut six months before Drew McIntyre returned to the company as part of the black and gold brand.

McIntyre had begun using the Claymore in his first run with WWE that ended in 2014. McIntyre has previously explained how he came up with the move that replaced his Future Shock DDT.

McIntyre stated:

“I’m running around in those 80s tight rock and roll pants and I was running to give a boot in the first match that I had in those leather pants, and as I was running, raising my leg for the boot, I realize ‘oh, these things are going to split at the crotch’. I don’t want my crotch to split, so I kicked up the other leg, knocked out my opponent and knocked myself out at the same time.”

“I remember getting up, doing an arm ringer after I did the maneuver, let the arm go, walked across the ring, tagged out and fell to the floor because I’d knocked myself silly. Got to the back and someone pulled me aside and said, ‘If you can do that move without killing yourself you’ve got something cool there.’ And I worked on it, worked on it, and I used it as a part of 3MB as my big maneuver that I would use, but it was created because of those tight leather pants.”

In his new book, McIntyre also discusses the advice WWE Champion Bobby Lashley gave him after his tryout match with WWE.

A Chosen Destiny from Ebury Publishing is available online and from all good book shops.

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