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Drew McIntyre On Thinking He Was Being Laughed At During A WWE Trial

Drew McIntyre

For any young wrestler, a try-out with WWE is a goal that some work their whole career for. When a young Drew McIntyre took part in one in front of some WWE icons, the usual nerves were amped up even higher.

In McIntyre’s new book, A Chosen Destiny, the two-time WWE Champion harkened back to very early on in his WWE career. Taking part in a tryout for the company, McIntyre was performing under the gaze of The Undertaker and Chris Benoit.

When McIntyre saw the two seasoned veterans sharing a laugh, the Scotsman couldn’t help but feel a pang of paranoia.

McIntyre explained:

“We rolled around, beat each other up for real. It was very quick, maybe a bit too quick. I remember seeing Undertaker and Chris Benoit laughing close by the ring, and I thought, Oh my goodness, they’re laughing at us! How humiliating.”

With a new perspective on things given that McIntyre is now a veteran in the wrestling business himself, he realises that his worry was probably misplaced:

“Now – having been in that position, close by a ring, during trials – I realise that they were not watching us at all and were almost certainly laughing about something else. At the time I felt a bit disheartened: were we so terrible it was laughable?”

Drew McIntyre also discusses in his book words of advice he got from The Undertaker when the WWE icon told McIntyre to stop playing at being a wrestler.

A Chosen Destiny from Ebury Publishing is available online and from all good book shops.

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