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Drew McIntyre On The Undertaker Telling Him To “Stop Playing A Wrestler”

Drew McIntyre headbutts Undertaker

Drew McIntyre has discussed his relationship with WWE legend The Undertaker and explained how The Undertaker was the only fellow wrestler he went to for advice.

McIntyre has written about his experience with the Deadman in his new book, A Chosen Destiny. The Scotsman starts by discussing how Taker has been able to stay relevant by reinventing himself over his thirty years with WWE.

McIntyre wrote:

“Undertaker was ‘the man’, the locker room leader who commanded so much respect for the shrewd way he evolved with the times. He had disappeared and reappeared in the 1990s – he was good and he was bad. He reinvented his dark Deadman character as a badass US biker version of Undertaker – feeding the appetite around the turn of the century for more realism – and then morphed back into his zombie mode, bringing layers of intrigue with him and a new arsenal of moves.”

For the young Scotsman in his first run with the juggernaut that is WWE, advice and words of wisdom from a bonafide icon was invaluable.

McIntyre continued:

“I could see straight away that, for ring and life advice, he was the guy to listen to and learn from. Taker would speak in enigmas and give me a hard time, but not in a malicious way. I was told to listen to nobody except him, so I would harass him all the time for advice. He was generous with opinions in the after-show video critiques. There is a basic ring psychology that you can be taught, but his wrestling IQ was off the scale, acquired through experience and just so much natural intuition. Sometimes it sounded like he was talking in riddles because he spoke at such an advanced level.”

“We would all gather in a room with a monitor and rows of chairs, and I would squat near him, not wanting to miss any of his pearls of wisdom. He would talk about how to present your character in the right manner, how to let the crowd breathe and absorb a particular moment so that our storytelling had dramatic cadences. After these sessions, I would try and apply every tip and observation he shared.”

Drew McIntyre finished by sharing some advice The Undertaker gave him. For The Undertaker, it was time for McIntyre to stop play-acting and embody his role in the ring:

“‘You need to stop playing a wrestler and just be a wrestler,’ he told me frankly. I was so tense, trying so hard to act the part, that I came across as hammy. Instead of begging for a reaction from the crowd, he said, I should just feed off the natural energy. He was so right.”

McIntyre has also discussed a rib pulled by Randy Orton on him after he won his first title in the company in 2009.

A Chosen Destiny from Ebury Publishing is available online and from all good book shops.

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