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Drew McIntyre On Getting To Work With Hulk Hogan

Drew McIntyre

The recent special ‘Legends Night‘ episode of WWE Raw saw Drew McIntyre defending his WWE Championship against Keith Lee. Before the match, however, McIntyre ran into Hulk Hogan backstage. The ‘Hulkster’ was full of praise for the ‘Scottish Psychopath’, and the two even performed some of Hogan’s signature phrases and poses together.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, McIntyre has opened up on how it felt to work with one of his childhood heroes. He talked about how surreal an experience it was, and the message he got from his father after the segment aired.

“Surreal. My dad texted me afterwards. He also posted a picture on Facebook…a picture of Hogan and me doing the speech- ‘What you gonna do brother, when Drew McIntyre and Hulk Hogan run wild on you?’ We’re doing the speech together. He sent me a message- ‘Remember watching WrestleMania 7 with your brother? As a 7-year old, 6-year old. And Hogan being the man back then?'”

“I tried to play it cool. ‘Yeah dad, I’m the WWE Champion and Hogan wants to hang out with me. But realistically, inside as a wrestling fan, I’m screaming. And it’s absolutely incredible that I get these cool opportunities. Like performing Hulk Hogan’s shtick with Hulk Hogan. (Laughs)”

A fired up McIntyre went on to successfully defend his championship later that night, but his celebration was soon interrupted by the return of Goldberg, who challenged him to once again the WWE Championship on the line in a match at the Royal Rumble on January 31st.