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Drew McIntyre On Facing Bobby Lashley – “We Were Ready To Fight”

Drew McIntyre

Speaking in a new interview, Drew McIntyre has recalled he and Lashley being ready to “fight backstage for real” if WrestleMania 37 had been cancelled.

From the moment that Drew McIntyre won the 2020 Royal Rumble he was cemented in the main event scene. The Scottish Warrior went on to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 for the WWE Title, before holding the title through much of the ‘ThunderDome era.’ This of course meant that McIntyre was crowned champion without fans and his title defences and triumphs were all celebrated without the roar of the crowd.

After losing the WWE Title to the Miz at Elimination Chamber via a huge helping hand from Bobby Lashley, McIntyre was set on a collision course with the All-Mighty. At WrestleMania 37 fans returned for the first time in more than a year, and the first match up was Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title.

Although the match and the event was briefly in serious jeopardy after a huge storm hit Raymond James Stadium.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ very own Kenny McIntosh, McIntyre being so amped up backstage that he and Lashley were ready to fight no matter what.

“Yeah, I mean obviously aside from the weather issue, Lashley and I were so amped up, we did those live interviews, just with no planning, saying how you felt in the moment. It’s so fortunate that MVP was between us, because I was ready to go, Lashley was ready to go, and if he wasn’t between us, none of us guys were going to back down; we would have ended up fighting backstage for real, and they would have had to have separated us, and I can’t imagine how many people it would have taken to separate myself and Lashley, but we were ready to fight, no matter what. If they had said ‘sorry, the show’s cancelled because of the weather’, we would have fought backstage for as long as it was needed to keep people entertained throughout WrestleMania, we were amped up.”

McIntyre went on to say that it was incredible to be back in front of fans, although he was a little uncertain about the reaction he’d get. After being at the top of the card for over a year, the former World Champion explained that he was “curious” about the reception he would receive.

“Thankfully we got to have the match, it was incredible to be back in front of the fans, at that time, I remember the last thing I thought before I walked through the curtain – ‘there’s been a low of Drew in your face over the last year and a half, I’ve been the premier guy on RAW with the opening promos and long matches etc, and in the media and we’ve seen in the past fans can kind of turn on that. If you get too much of the same thing and Lashley had finally reached his potential and had put the last pieces of the puzzle together with himself and MVP and had really good momentum’, so I was curious about the reaction. But to hear such a positive reaction for myself meant the world and also for Lashley as well, to see him, where he was at, It would have been nice to win in front of fans, get my title back, but at the same time, we really cemented Lashley as a top player and look where he’s at today, not lost since WrestleMania, and for McIntyre, I think it’s important for me that I’m not superman, like a few of our top babyfaces of the past have, I’ve got to keep on overcoming, overcoming and find ways to keep fighting and clawing my way back to the top.”

The Scottish Warrior explained that having to overcome is an important theme with his character. Especially as it ties in with so much of his real life history.

“Like right now, I can’t compete for the title, how am I going to get back to the top, I think that’s what keeps my story interesting, because if you look at my real history, nothing ever goes to plan for Drew, including WrestleManias. One year, I was fighting for the World Title worldwide pandemic; the next year, almost get rained out – it’s just not part of the story.”

In recent weeks, McIntyre has attempted to get his hands back on championship gold, setting his sights on the United States Title. However, in typical McIntyre fashion, it’s been far from straightforward, with two defeats against his title rivals leaving him out of contention.

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