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Drew McIntyre On Encouraging Other WWE Stars To Talk To Vince

Drew McIntyre

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has discussed his personal relationship with WWE Chairman and says it has been crucial to furthering his career in the company.

For many Vince McMahon is the figurehead of the global rise of sports entertainment, an oligarch and creator of the WWE Universe. For others, McMahon is their boss, the last stop on whether someone becomes a star or is wished well in their future endeavours.

One man who has been able to build a relationship with the WWE Chairman is former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. McIntyre returned to WWE in 2017 after several years away, on his return he had grown and says he was no longer as intimidated by knocking on the Chairman’s door.

McIntyre shared his experience on Wrestling Inside The Ropes where he also says he encourages other WWE stars to build their own rapport with the boss.

McIntyre explained:

“It’s good, if I have a question or concern, I go to him right away and I advise all the other Superstars to do exactly the same. When I was younger, I was so intimidated by him because he’s such a large presence and it’s terrifying, the idea of knocking on the door and talking to him. You get a little older, a little wiser, get more of a business head on your shoulders and you realize that he runs the company and you have to build a relationship.”

“You need that back and forth, it’s not just going to help me, it’s going to help the company overall. That’s where we’re at right now. When I returned to the company, it was very much as a man and not a boy, like in my first run. It was a business head on my shoulders and I knew I had to grow that relationship to further my career and at the same time, help WWE. I always advise the other superstars to do exactly the same.”

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Credit: Wrestling Inside The Ropes

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