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Drew McIntyre Details The Valuable Lesson Taught By The Undertaker

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WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, has spoken about the lesson that The Undertaker taught him which allowed him to become the performer he is today.

While McIntyre and The Undertaker never met in singles action, the pair did collide in doubles competition when The Undertaker teamed with Roman Reigns to battle the Scot and Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules 2019.

Since then, ‘The Phenom’ took the star under his wing and became a mentor to him, teaching him the lesson that would turn him into one of the most valuable commodities in the world today.

Appearing on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ relayed his relationship with Undertaker and spoke about the words uttered that made him take the industry more seriously:

“You know the big one that took me a while to understand, he’d look at me and say, ‘stop playing the wrestler and be the wrestler.’ [I] said, ‘what is he talking about? I’m out there, I’m in wrestling gear I’m wrestling around like I’m being a wrestler. I don’t understand what he means.’ And it took a while before you know, the light bulb turned on and I understood what he was talking about.

I’m out there, I’m stressed, I’m thinking about the next move, you can see in my eyes, I’m not in the moment and the crowd can see like ‘this guy’s just not with us right now so we’re not going to be with him.’ And I wasn’t relaxed. It was as simple as that. Just relax when you’re out there, feel the moment, be in the moment. When you start feeling it, they’ll start feeling it. I wasn’t feeling it at all. I was so tense and stressed out there. You know, never allowing the crowd in, just to focus on the next move, next move. Deer in the headlights, deer in the headlights, in the eyes and it took a long time for that, it finally clicked on what he was trying to tell me all this time.”

Drew then moved on to how he first believed that the legend was just talking in riddles, but eventually came around to the realisation that everything he was told was designed to make him better:

“It was little lessons like that at the time, I felt like he was talking in riddles. I’m like, ‘man he’s not trying to help me, he’s just talking in riddles.’ But he’s teaching me. That’s one of the many lessons he taught me. It’s okay to stand there and give it a second, and let what you just did breathe. You have to rush to the next thing every two seconds. I’m like, in my head, ‘but moves, more is more,’ when he’s trying to explain to me, no, less is more. I’ve heard it a million times and it took so long before I finally started applying it and seeing the difference in seeing how the crowd reacted to everything. And the more I was in the moment and feeling the moment, the bigger they reacted and the more I walked down the street and they recognize me because that was getting all this camera time. I was finally getting my face on screen at the appropriate moments but way more screen time, I was starting to get it as the years passed.”

Evidently, the lessons taught by The Undertaker had a huge impact on Drew McIntyre and his career. Thus far, they have secured him two WWE Championship reigns in 2020 and numerous main event worthy outings which, along with the efforts of Roman Reigns, have often been the best things every Monday night.

WWE have found a true star in Drew McIntyre, and fans can attribute that in part to the guidance of arguably the greatest character in wrestling history.

Credit for the interview: Broken Skull Sessions

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone