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Drew McIntyre “Definitely Wants To Revisit” Roman Reigns Rivalry

Drew McIntyre Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre says he is excited at the prospect of revisiting his rivalry with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns after the two men clashed at Survivor Series 2020.

As is the custom in recent years, Survivor Series has become a battle for brand supremacy in WWE. At 2020’s edition of the show, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre clashed with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event. The match only had six days build however as Randy Orton has been WWE Champion and was scheduled to face The Tribal Chief before McIntyre reclaimed the gold on the 16th of November edition of RAW.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh, Drew McIntyre discussed the match with Reigns and says he can’t wait to tangle with him again somewhere down the line:

“Yeah, I definitely want to revisit it, and I know we will revisit it when the time is right. It’s so interesting that for Survivor Series, for that match that had nobody there, we had ten times more buzz than our WrestleMania match, at WrestleMania 35 and the roles were completely flipped where Roman’s playing a closer version to the real person with the volume turned up, as is the case with myself, and with one week build, we were able to cause that kind of buzz and man I know there’s so much there and I’m so excited to revisit it.”

“I don’t know exactly when the draft is, I know it’s coming up probably sooner than later, but I don’t know if now’s the time to do it, I know McIntyre’s on his rebuild, trying to get myself back on track and I don’t think the time’s to go after Roman who’s clearly top of the top right now. I think I’ve got to fight, claw, get through some good feuds, get through some good opponents, and when the time is right, walk right out there, in front of Roman and say ‘remember me’ and it’ll be time to battle once again.”

The 2021 WWE Draft begins on the 1st of October on SmackDown and concludes on the 4th of October episode of RAW. With every WWE Superstar eligible to be drafted, McIntyre could soon find himself battling Reigns once again sooner rather than later.

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