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Drake Maverick Once Again With WWE

Drake Maverick

Former 24/7 Champion Drake Maverick is once again working with WWE after being released for the second time in November.

Drake Maverick’s time with WWE has been a rocky one. First appearing on screen for the company in January 2018, he served as the 205 Live General Manager before beginning a stint as the manager of the Authors of Pain on Raw. He was initially released from the company in April of 2020 due to budget cuts, but was re-hired after he posted an emotional video on social media.

However, Drake Maverick was once again released on November 18, 2021 in a round of releases that also included the members of Hit Row and John Morrison. He again posted to social media, this time making a video that parodied his original emotional plea and talked about taking control of his future. The well-produced video gained lots of attention, with even John Cena praising his efforts.

A new report from PWInsider revealed that the former Rockstar Spud is once again working for the WWE, this time in a behind the scenes role. Drake Maverick, real name James Curtin, has been re-hired and is now working as part of the Raw creative team. The report states that he began working in this role 3-4 weeks ago, which was later confirmed by Fightful.

The Fightful report also notes that he began working with the company before his non-compete clause expired, and that he was well liked across all brands he’d worked on previously, which included being the 205 Live General Manager and working on NXT in addition to his time as 24/7 Champion on the main roster.

Maverick famously used his real life wedding to fellow wrestler Renee Michelle as part of a 24/7 Championship angle, wherein R-Truth interrupted the wedding ceremony and pinned Maverick to regain the championship. The devastated groom would spend weeks going after R-Truth in an attempt to regain the title before his marriage could be consumated.