Dr. Chris Amann Departs WWE

Dr Chris Amann checks over Kevin Owens at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

Long-term WWE medical employee Dr Chris Amann is confirmed to have left WWE after fourteen years, though he seemingly did so on his own accord.

The retirement of Vince McMahon from his WWE executive duties in July has resulted in a game of dominoes in WWE’s backstage team – a game that isn’t dying down.

Dr Chris Amann, who’d served as WWE’s Senior Ringside Physician since May 2008, has officially left the company. Per PWInsider, he did so after handing in his notice and retiring, rather than being let go from WWE as others have. It’s said that he gave WWE notice of his departure “some time ago”, allowing ample time for a replacement to be found.

Amann could regularly be spotted at ringside during WWE events, getting involved when required. He aided WWE in implementing their established Wellness Policy, a policy that remains in place to this day and one that has caused significant improvement.

Fans may best remember Amann for a non-WWE role, as a judge ruled in favour of CM Punk and Colt Cabana in 2018 after Dr Amann had filed a defamation lawsuit against them. This stemmed from Punk having ridiculed the care of Amann as a doctor during an appearance on Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, alleging Chris Amann had ignored a growth on his back.