Dr Britt Baker – “Please Don’t Turn The Channel When The Women Are On TV!”

Britt Baker

AEW’s women’s division has been the subject of much debate from fans and industry pundits alike in the promotion’s first year, and one of its biggest stars Dr. Britt Baker is pleading with viewers to help it grow.

Speaking with Uproxx, Baker noted how she felt the AEW women’s division was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak due to so many of its roster being international talent.

Baker says the lack of access to those performers (which includes the likes of Riho, Emi Sakura, Shanna, Yuka Sakazaki) and the double whammy of injuries to her and Kris Statlander at the same time, has been challenging for the women’s division.

However, Britt Baker says that more can be done and she has turned to the fans to help.

“We need help from the fans at home too! We can’t have the women’s segments being the lowest rated or the lowest views each week. Because at the end of the day, it’s a business, and AEW needs ratings”.

After admitting that AEW was in a ratings war with NXT – which is obviously true but a rare public admission from talent on either side nevertheless – Baker told fans who have been asking for a strong women’s division and more matches to vote with their TV remotes.

“For the fans that are so encouraging and saying, ‘We want more women, we want more women!’ that’s great, but please don’t turn the channel when the women are on TV then! We want everybody to be watching the segments and cheering us on from home.”

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