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Doug Basham On Chris Benoit – “He Tried To Beat You For Real”

Chris Benoit

Former WWE Superstar Doug Basham has discussed sharing the ring with Chris Benoit and says Benoit tried to beat his opponents for real.

Doug Basham competed in WWE for many years, first making his name in developmental territory OVW before graduating to SmackDown where he was best known for his time in The Basham Brothers tag team. Early on in their run on the blue brand Doug and Danny Basham were managed by the dominant Shaniqua before going on to become co-Secretaries of Defense in JBL’s Cabinet.

During their time in WWE, The Basham Brothers held the WWE Tag Team Championship on two occasions defeating Los Guerreros and Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam for the gold.

Speaking on UnSKripted Doug Basham described sharing the ring with another SmackDown star of the era, Chris Benoit. Basham claimed Benoit was very professional backstage but in the ring, things got real:

“As far as backstage goes, he was always quiet, intimidating, kind of, but super nice guy. He was very, very professional.”

“But, man, when you got in the ring with him, it was a fight. He hit you hard, he tried to beat you for real, how about that. It was fun working with him, I love it. I was a physical guy too so I loved it.”

Despite his in-ring accomplishments, Chris Benoit will always be rightfully reviled for the final days of his life when he murdered his wife Nancy Toffoloni and their son Daniel before taking his own life.

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