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Doudrop Turns Heel On Raw – “Nice Girls Finish Last”


Doudrop has shown her dark side after viciously attacking former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair on Raw.

The former Piper Niven has seemingly been fun-loving since she was christened Doudrop by Eva Marie back in June, but now the Scottish star has seemingly turned her back on her legions of fans with her actions on Raw.

The tension began when Sonya Deville announced a Fatal Five-Way match between the five members of Raw’s Survivor Series women’s team with the winner receiving a future title shot. Doudrop took exception to Bianca Belair’s inclusion and words were exchanged between the women.

Later in the evening, the match between Belair, Rhea Ripley, Carmella, Liv Morgan, and Queen Zelina was in full flow with Belair looking likely to pick up the win. This is when Doudrop attacked, dragging Belair from the ring and smashing her into the ring post, allowing Liv Morgan to pick up the victory.

On social media after Raw, WWE released an interview with Doudrop where she gave her reasons for attacking The EST Of WWE:

“I’m not saying Bianca didn’t deserve the opportunity, I know how amazing she is. She’s a superstar and I’m well aware of what she’s capable of. But what I am saying is, is that I deserve this opportunity more. Listen, I know Bianca got cheated out of her match with Becky but I got cheated out of my match too when Zelina bashed me in the head with that sceptre of hers.”

“But does that mean I can keep getting rematch after rematch after rematch? No, it doesn’t because that’s not how things work here. You lost, get to the back of the line. It’s time for someone else to come through.”

“Not only does my time here make me more deserving but I’ve already beaten so many people here. When do I get my turn? Do I just sit and wait patiently in the hopes that someone will come along and give me this opportunity? Well no, ‘cos it’s not gonna work like that, is it? People here have to take what they want because nice girls finish last and now I’m gonna finish first.”