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Doudrop Reveals Her Reaction To Her New Name

Eva Marie Doudrop

WWE Raw Superstar Doudrop has revealed her initial reaction to her new moniker after previously competing for NXT UK as Piper Niven, and it wasn’t necessarily a positive one.

Doudrop made her Raw debut on the 14th of June when she defeated Naomi and was unveiled as Eva Marie’s new protégé. Despite her NXT UK credentials, the announcers played off not knowing who she was with Eva Marie naming her charge Doudrop the following week.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc.’s Brian Wohl, the Scottish star explained her initial hesitancy to her new name but says she’s happy to make the most of it:

“Not going to lie, at first they were like, ‘Your new name is going to be Doudrop,’ and I was like, ‘K.’ But I’m the type of person who takes an opportunity and runs with it. It doesn’t matter what it is. In this business, opportunities aren’t necessarily plenty, so I just took that ball and ran with it. It’s all about what you make of it. So far I think it’s been pretty good.”

Doudrop then gave a glimpse into the behind the scenes relationship with her on-screen partner Eva Marie, explaining it really is a case of opposites attract:

“It’s an experience. She’s a pretty high-maintenance person, I’m a very low-maintenance person. To be honest, I think that’s where it is. They say opposites attract, and we are so d

ifferent but so similar in so many ways. Our start has been really similar. She was thrown in the deep end, didn’t know what she was doing. I came straight from NXT, I didn’t have the full preparation there. I really feel like she has been the life raft for me. She’s helped me settle in. She’s a great team player.”

Doudrop will be in the corner of Eva Marie at SummerSlam as the ‘Eva-lution’ looks to pass Alexa Bliss by.