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Doudrop Recalls Energy Crystals Falling Out Of Her Bra Whilst In The Ring

Doudrop Bianca Belair

Current Raw star Doudrop has explained how some crystals came to fall out of her bra while she was showing off her cartwheels in the ring.

There are have been many rocks in wrestling history. Ole Anderson, Don Muraco, and of course Dwayne Johnson have all shared the moniker over the years, but it is a different type of rock that gets Doudrop’s attention.

Doudrop exploded on to Monday Night Raw in the summer of 2021 by the side of Eva Marie. Formerly known as Piper Niven, the Scottish star had built a stellar career on the NXT UK brand where she battled the likes of Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray.

Speaking on the Out of Character podcast, Doudrop revealed her love of rocks and crystals came during the pandemic when WWE sent their NXT UK cohort on some online coaching sessions:

“Some people like to spend their money on fancy cars and designer clothes. I like rocks. Rocks is my thing. Okay. Like, a lot of the reason why I think I’m here is I did a lot of like perception work and like, but even back in COVID when stuff was like really bad and especially in NXT UK, where we were like really nervous because we got shut down for such a long time.”

“It was actually WWE that gave us some online classes. I met this online life coach for athletes and she really helped put us all in a positive mindset for the pandemic and how to work through it and how to keep moving on and stuff, and that kind of like started my spiritual journey.”

“From there it was like, ‘Oh, let’s get into crystals and oh, herbs and flowers and all that stuff and law of attraction and I mean seems to be working so I keep doing it.”

Doudrop then explained how her crystals made an unfortunate appearance when she was in the ring showing off her athletic prowess with WWE producer, Pat Buck:

“So I always have them on me when I’m at TV. Sometimes, you know, depending on what I’m wearing, I don’t have pockets. I was just like in some training gear going to go to the ring and trying some stuff. So I put them in my bra. I’m ringside and I’m working with Pat Buck, he’s and my producer for the day.”

“We’re talking about maybe some like athletic things we can do in the ring and stuff like that. I was like, ‘Oh, I can do a cartwheel. Well, I used to be able to do a cartwheel. So let’s give it a try.’ I did a cartwheel and my crystals fall out of my bra and Pat was like, ‘Your rocks fell out.’ I was like, Uhhh, those are my crystals… See ya later!”

Doudrop had the biggest match of her career at the Royal Rumble when she faced Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Title. Sadly her crystals proved ineffective on this occasion as Lynch held onto her championship.

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