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Double Wedding Descends Into Chaos On Raw [Video]

Dana Brooke Double Wedding

The double wedding in the 24/7 Championship division saw multiple title changes and even an attempt to switch partners!

Love has been in the air in the 24/7 Championship division for months, and after a double engagement on the March 28th episode of Raw, it was announced last week during a bachelorette party that R-Truth would officiate the weddings of Reggie & Dana Brooke along with Akira Tozawa & Tamina. This isn’t the first time the 24/7 Championship has been involved in a wedding, as former WWE Superstar and R-Truth’s arch rival Drake Maverick was pinned for the title at his real life wedding to fellow wrestler Renee Michelle.

Both brides walked down the aisle into the arena together, with Dana Brooke grinning radiantly. Tamina, who was accompanied by her fellow former Team BAD members Sasha Banks and Naomi, was less thrilled to be in a wedding gown.

The commitment ceremony got off to a rocky start when R-Truth mispronounced one of the brides names and called her Dana Brooks instead of Dana Brooke, but his mistake was quickly corrected.

Dana Brooke read heartfelt vows to her betrothed that included calling him her knight in shining armor and praising him for being a man of honor. Reggie in turn said that all of their struggles have guided them on a path to this moment and that they’ve only made their love stronger.

Instead of reading vows of her own, Tamina simply stated “What she said,” and Tozawa replied, “Same.”

However, when R-Truth asked if anyone objected to the wedding, Tamina herself made a surprise objection. She initially grabbed Reggie and put Tozawa next to Dana Brooke, but then she changed her mind again and stood next to Dana, leaving the two men next to each other. R-Truth was baffled by this turn of event and exclaimed, “I don’t even know if that’s PG!” In the end, the original couples ended up back together where they started.

After exchanging rings, the happy couples kissed – but the scene began to unravel when during their kiss, Reggie pulled Dana down to the ground and pinned her, thereby winning the 24/7 Championship. His new title reign didn’t last long, however, as Tamina quickly pinned Reggie to begin her second 24/7 Championship reign. Her new husband, not wanting to miss a title opportunity, rolled her up and won the title for himself. In the end, Dana Brooke pinned Tozawa to regain her 24/7 Championship, and left the arena on R-Truth’s shoulders as the two ran away.

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Rhea Ripley attacked Liv Morgan after the two failed to capture the Women’s Tag Team Championships, and Theory defeated Finn Balor to become the new United States Champion. Full results from the April 18th episode of Raw can be found here.