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“Don’t Tempt Me With A Good Time” – Cheryl Hole On Potential WWE Switch

Cheryl Hole

Professional wrestlers and drag queens may seem like polar opposites, but it seems like they may have more in common than we see at face value – as NXT UK’s Pretty Deadly and drag sensation Cheryl Hole recently discussed!

Ahead of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK this Thursday, Pretty Deadly would open up about how, much like drag artists, WWE Superstars need to slay at all times too!

“Whatever field you’re in whether it be wrestling or drag, there are characters and personas which are larger than life.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl Hole compared the squared circle to the stage she finds herself on, saying “this element of character and performance, the ring in WWE is one of the BIGGEST stages” – but might we see Hole bring the Diva back to WWE by stepping in the ring?

“Don’t tempt me with a good time diva, I’m ready! We all know my signature moveinDrag is the death drop, so I think in WWE I’d take it to the next level and my signature move would be the BLACK HOLE!”

If Cheryl Hole steps in the ring, though, she also wouldn’t mind seeing some professional wrestlers make the switch too, birthing Drew McIntyre with his very own drag name!

“That’s a rice cake I’d like to eat… I’m gonna birth this diva as Eat my Haggis.”

Pretty Deadly had a better idea, though, by giving Triple H a new persona – Hunter Thirst Helmsely!

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