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“I Don’t Know If AEW Is The Place For Sasha Banks” – WWE Hall Of Famer

Sasha Banks

A WWE Hall of Famer has claimed that AEW might not be the best destination for Sasha Banks.

On May 16th, Sasha Banks and Naomi, WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Champions walked out of the Monday Night Raw taping and neither woman has appeared for the company since.

Reportedly frustrated over creative plans, the pair were later suspended and stripped of their titles. While the two stars have also had their merchandise removed from WWE’s online store and they have been edited out of the company’s opening video package.

A month after the two women were suspended, it was reported that Sasha Banks had been released by WWE.

On June 19th Reddit user Kermit – who was the first person to report on Cody Rhodes returning to WWE – gave their insight into the situation seeming to confirm that Banks was now an ex-WWE Superstar and the release had happened “some weeks ago.”

As of the 20th of June, WWE nor Sasha Banks have commented on the situation, and Banks is still listed as a “Current Superstar” on WWE.com.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on Banks potentially moving to AEW. The former World Champion suggested that the promotion might not be the right place for The Boss at the present moment. Booker explained that while a match with Britt Baker would grab headlines, it’s what would come after that which would be more difficult.

“She’s gonna be okay,”

“As far as Tony Khan making that phone call quick … I know people are going to take this the wrong way, but … I really don’t know if AEW is the place for Sasha Banks.”

“After Sasha go and work Britt Baker, where does she go from there?” Booker questioned. “That’s what I’m saying, and I’m not throwing any shade on Thunder Rosa, you know, Nyla Rose or any of those other girls.”

Sasha Banks was seen publicly online for the first time since the walkout where she introduced herself under her real name of Mercedes Varnado confirming that she had PRK surgery on her eyes.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.