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Donald Trump Enters Controversial “Save America” Rally To Undertaker’s Iconic Theme Song

Donald Trump at WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump entered his recent “Save America” rally to the legendary theme of The Undertaker.

Donald Trump has a history with WWE which stretches back to 1988 when Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza played host to WrestleMania IV. The partnership was so successful that the following year’s WrestleMania V was also held in the same venue.

Years later Trump was in attendance at WrestleMania XX in New York and took part in a short interview with Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.

It was an awkward moment for the future President as first the crowd audibly booed him, and then Ventura unexpectedly asked him to endorse the former Governor in a potential Presidential run.

The encounter didn’t sour Trump on WWE, though, as he took part in a major angle in 2007. That year, he became embroiled in a feud with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon which led to a match at WrestleMania 23 dubbed ‘The Battle of the Billionaires’.

Both men chose champions to represent them in the ring, with Bobby Lashley fighting for Trump and Umaga taking up the challenge for McMahon, with either McMahon or Trump to have their head shaved if their man lost the bout.

In the end, Lashley triumphed and it was McMahon who was put in the barber’s chair.

Outside of the ring, McMahon and Trump are good friends and Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon was part of Trump’s administration when he entered the White House and continued to fundraise for him during his doomed 2020 campaign for re-election.

Now, Trump has continued his connection to WWE with an unusual choice of entrance music for his controversial ‘Save America’ rally on January 16th. The former President made his way to the podium to the funereal theme song of The Undertaker.

Trump’s connection with WWE was solidified in 2013 when he was inducted into the celebrity wing of the company’s Hall of Fame.

While Donald Trump is seeking to win re-election, his one-time champion Bobby Lashley is looking to get a win of his own as the ‘All-Mighty’ sets his sights on defeating Brock Lesnar to capture the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.