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Don West Announces His Cancer Has Gone Into Remission

Don West Mike Tenay

Former TNA/IMPACT Wrestling announcer Don West has given a positive update on his battle with brain lymphoma following months of treatment.

On June 15th this year, NewsRadio 560 KPQ, the radio station which hosts the daily ‘Don West Show’, published a letter from West where he revealed his diagnosis and the treatment he would be undergoing. In July, he tweeted a message to thank his fans for their support which he said boosted his spirits tremendously.

West has now taken to Twitter to announce that, after eight weeks of chemotherapy and 13 treatments of radiation, his cancer has gone into remission, adding that he looks forward to returning to the radio.

I want to give everyone an update After 8 weeks of chemotherapy and 13 treatments of radiation my cancer is now in remission Thank you for everyone’s prayers because they truly worked I look forward to getting back on the radio doing what I love

West joined TNA in 2002 and worked as colour commentator alongside Mike Tenay before transitioning into other on-screen and backstage roles by the end of the decade. This included his spell presenting ‘Don West’s Insane Daily Deals’ as part of a YouTube show where he promoted the company’s merchandise, harkening back to his days as a presenter on the Shop At Home Network. The announcer left the company in 2012, before briefly returning in 2017, calling the Slammiversary pay-per-view.