Don Callis Hints At Partnership With Huge Non-AEW Star

Kenny Omega makes his entrance at Full Gear

On the May 10th episode of AEW Dynamite, Don Callis followed Kenny Omega into war as he took on Jon Moxley in a Steel Cage Match.

In recent months tension has escalated between The Elite and The Blackpool Combat Club, with the Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson-led group taking out the Young Bucks, Konosuke Takeshita, and Don Callis. The rising chaos led to Omega challenging Moxley to a fight, and the Cage Match was confirmed.

In a wild main event, Omega and Moxley showed little regard for their own welfare brawling with barbed wire, steel chairs, broken glass, and everything else in between. However, no one could have predicted how the match ended.

After the action broke through the cage, Moxley grabbed a screwdriver — his recent weapon of choice — and looked to attack his rival, but his plans were thwarted by Callis who climbed into the ring. As Callis snatched the weapon, Omega hit a One Winged Angel and was set to score the win until Callis stabbed him in the head with the screwdriver.

The stunning betrayal enabled Moxley to crawl over his rival and earn the win, as Bryan Danielson broke down laughing on commentary. Collis went to hit Omega again, but decided against it, instead whispering something to him, kissing him on the head, and throwing him to the floor.

Interestingly, Callis has since changed his bio on Twitter to “King of Winnipeg Bruv,” seemingly a reference to Will Ospreay. This has led to speculation that Callis will now look to join forces with Omega’s long-time British rival.

Don Callis And Will Ospreay Had Clashed On Social Media

Back in April, Don Callis and Will Ospreay ended up in a spat on social media, not unsurprising given the rivalry between Kenny Omega and the British star.

As Ospreay celebrated a recent win, Callis shared a photo of himself celebrating with Omega after he defeated the NJPW star at Wrestle Kingdom. In response, Ospreay branded Callis a “d*ckhead.”