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Dominik Mysterio Wants To Become Rey Mysterio Jr.

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Dominik Mysterio has discussed the pressure he feels living up to his legendary family name in wrestling and says he wants to take the Rey Mysterio name for his own.

Dominik Mysterio burst onto the scene in WWE in 2019 as part of his father Rey Mysterio’s battles with Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. In 2020 the Mysterios became embroiled in a feud with Seth Rollins and Murphy that briefly saw Murphy romantically linked with Dominik’s sister Aaliyah.

At WrestleMania Backlash in 2021, The Mysterios made history when they became WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, becoming the first father and son team in WWE history to do so.

Speaking on the Out of Character Podcast, Dominik Mysterio has discussed the pressure he feels of having to live up to the family name in the wrestling ring:

“The pressure is definitely there, I feel it all the time. Everyone is just constantly bringing it up like you’ve got big shoes to fill. It’s just so different for me because I see it as a challenge, I want to take this head on. My dad broke the barrier and changed the game of wrestling forever but there’s an image of him being a small masked guy that he’s an underdog and I’m just the complete opposite of him.”

“I’m 2-feet taller than him, I didn’t come out with the mask, everything kind of happened so fast and I just accepted it. I know the pressure is there but I’m accepting it, it’s hard to explain because it’s really difficult to try to live up to the Mysterio name. At the end of the day, I think that I’m confident enough in my abilities that hopefully, we’ll take it to the next level, god willing.”

Mysterio adds that the end goal for himself is to one day be introduced as Rey Mysterio Jr., taking over the mantle from his father:

“The long goal, the endgame, is to eventually take over the Rey Mysterio name. That’s the legacy within it, he’s Rey Mysterio, it’s only right to make it junior. Traditional and Lucha culture and Hispanic culture, that’s tradition, that’s what you do. I kind of showed up and Dom Mysterio just organically happened. Everything happened so fast, we didn’t get a chance to put these little things together but we’ve definitely talked about it.”

“He’s mentioned it before, the mask is something that I have to earn along with the name so one day if he wants to pass it onto me after he retires or wants to make me earn it after he retires, whatever it is I’m up for it. I just know that that name belongs to me and it’s only right. Hispanically, culturally, it’s only right but whatever he wants at the end of the day because he’s the one who’s made it what it is. I’ll respect his decision whatever it is.”

Dominik’s father Rey was known as Rey Mysterio Jr. in his pre-WWE career after he adopted the name from his uncle, the original Rey Mysterio.

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription