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Dominik Mysterio Planning Move To Florida For Extra Training

Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio.

In a recent appearance on the Keepin It 100 Podcast With Konnan, Rey and Dominik Mysterio revealed that the young Superstar will he heading to Florida in a bid to further his training and in-ring experience.

Rey explained that it would be a huge benefit to his son to be living and working around so many other WWE Superstars, and that it would help him improve so much quicker.

Dominik is looking forward to making a move to Tampa or Orlando and start anew over there. He wants to take advantage of the ring opportunity and go to the developmental center. Overall, [Tyson Kidd] has a ring over there. He would benefit so much from being out there where everyone is at. He’s still in that learning process. It would be very helpful for him to make a move and start his own life on his own. For him to be in Tampa to train, it would pick up his momentum.”

Dominik agreed, and said that while the move would likely just be temporary, the opportunity to pick the brains of the likes of Tyson Kidd is one he feels that he needs to take.

“It would benefit me to be in Florida in general because I have the [WWE Performance Center] in Orlando and I can pick so many people’s brains there. There’s [Tyson Kidd] in Tampa. I have so many options there to pick and choose from to be able to learn and be able to grow myself as a wrestler. I probably wouldn’t permanently move down there, it’d probably be temporary, just until I can get on my feet in California because I would hate to leave California.”

Dominik Mysterio hasn’t wrestled since appearing in the Battle Royale on the Survivor Series Kick Off Show back in November. While Rey has also been off television in recent weeks following the conclusion of the Mysterio’s feud with Seth Rollins.

Speaking in November, Rey revealed while his body still feels great, he plans to retire within the next five years, ending his career with WWE.

You can listen to the full episode of Keepin It 100 With Konnan here, with a h/t to Fightful for the transcription.