Dominik Mysterio Dreams Of Reconciling With His Real Dad, Eddie Guerrero

Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio has one major regret in life and it keeps him awake at night: Not reconciling with his (definitely 100% real) late father, Eddie Guerrero.

Rhea Ripley stunned fans last week in a social media clip where she gave an x-rated answer to a fan question about her favourite thing to do with Dominik, giving an answer that was forced to be bleeped out but could easily be identified as the explicit 4-letter f-word.

Now ‘Dirty Dom’ has followed in Ripley’s footsteps in answering a few fan questions of his own with an equally divisive answer. Dominik responded to a fan asking if he’d ever reconcile with his dad – obviously referring to Rey Mysterio and the troubles the two have had since Clash At The Castle.

However, the NXT North American Champion took a different direction with his response. He claimed that the situation kept him up at night and he wishes he could, but he can’t as his ‘father’ Eddie Guerrero passed away but he’s doing what he can.

“Will you ever reconcile with your dad? I dream about that every night. Sometimes it keeps me up, and I can’t sleep. But because he’s no longer with us, R.I.P., Eddie. I do what I can at this point.”

Who Is Dominik Mysterio’s Biological Father?

Dominik may believe otherwise, but his real and biological father is indeed the legendary luchador Rey Mysterio.

Eddie Guerrero did once claim paternity in-storyline over the current Judgement Day member, leading to him and Rey clashing at SummerSlam 2005 over the custody of then-8-year-old Dominik in which Mysterio came out victorious. 18 years later, Mysterio would reveal the answer to a mystery to a fellow Superstar.

h/t to WrestleZone