Dominik And Rhea Ripley Walk Out Of Rey Mysterio’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Rey Mysterio at the WWE Hall of Fame

On March 31st, Rey Mysterio headlined the 2023 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

The honour came just 24 hours before the legend is due to face his son at WrestleMania 39.

Despite finding a great deal of success teaming together, Dominik turned on his father at Clash at the Castle and has been intent on making his life hell ever since. In turning on the Lucha legend, Dominik aligned with Judgment Day and Rhea Ripley.

For months the group targeted Rey, and Dominik tried to goad his father into a match, only to be repeatedly rebuffed. Things got so bad that Rey even moved from Raw to SmackDown, but there was no escape.

Rey eventually agreed to the match on March 24th, but only after Dominik had yelled at his mother and Rey’s wife.

Fans might be forgiven for thinking there would be a truce at the Hall of Fame ceremony, but as it turned out there was no goodwill on display. Dominik, Ripley, and Damian Priest stayed seated as Rey entered despite everyone else giving a standing ovation, and then left altogether when Rey started speaking.

The former World Champion didn’t get too sidetracked, commenting that he’ll take care of business at WrestleMania. The walk-out came after Konnan — who was inducting Mysterio — said that he would like Rey to adopt him to replace Dominik.

Rey Mysterio Headlines WWE Hall Of Fame

Rey Mysterio was inducted alongside Stacy Keibler, The Great Muta, and Andy Kaufman, while Tim White was honoured with the Warrior Award.