Dolph Ziggler Told Tyler Breeze He Is Not A WWE Guy

Dolph Ziggler Told Tyler Breeze He Is Not A WWE Guy

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze recently shared an insightful piece of advice he received from veteran talent Dolph Ziggler during his wrestling career.

In an appearance on the podcast Lazy Booking, Breeze revealed that Ziggler emphasised the reality of the wrestling industry, explaining that even if talented individuals like Breeze were to shine, the spotlight would always be primarily on the bigger stars. Breeze quoted Dolph who had said:

I remember Dolph explained this to me before — as soon as I got up to SmackDown, actually. He went, ‘Look, man,’ he goes, ‘This is the thing. You can see very clearly who their guys are, and you can see very clearly who their guys are not. You and me? We are not their guys.

Despite this, Ziggler also highlighted the positives of not being a top guy, including the opportunity to cultivate a dedicated fan base. Ziggler explained that fans would rally behind wrestlers like him, appreciating their ability to deliver impressive matches and promos, even if they didn’t always emerge victorious.

Breeze’s journey in the wrestling business began in 2007, and he signed with WWE in 2010, initially joining the company’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. He later made his mark on the NXT show before transitioning to the main roster in 2015. Unfortunately, Breeze’s tenure with the company came to an end in 2021 when he was released from his contract.

Where Is Tyler Breeze Now?

After his release, Breeze continued to be a part of Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, which is owned by WWE. Breeze also appeared The Bump on October 5th 2022.

Breeze made his return to the ring for independent promotion Next Generation Wrestling in July 2023, this was his first match in over two years, where he won the NGW Title from Matt Cross.

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