Dolph Ziggler Teases NXT 2.0 Debut Tonight

Dolph Ziggler

Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler might be a Raw star but he has teased making an imminent debut on NXT 2.0.

Tension has been ratcheting up on social media in recent weeks between WWE veteran Dolph Ziggler and the reigning NXT Champion and breakout star, Bron Breakker. Ziggler and his fellow Dirty Dawg Robert Roode had been confronted by NXT 2.0 star LA Knight backstage with Knight telling them to come to NXT 2.0 but Ziggler dismissed the notion by saying that he and Roode “don’t work on Tuesdays.”

Bron Breakker seemingly took exception to that comment as he shared a GIF of Ziggler being eliminated from the Royal Rumble by rap star Bad Bunny and accompanied it with the message “Says he doesn’t work on Tuesdays … apparently he can’t work on Saturday either”

Last week Ziggler was asked about Breakker’s comments by WWE broadcaster Sarah Schreiber and The Show Off seemed nonplussed, saying:

“A lot of people ask me after matches like this, ‘Dolph, you good?’ I go, ‘No, not good, I’m the best MF’er we got.’ So maybe one of these days those people that run their mouths online have to deal with me, in person. So maybe Breakker and his title, maybe I take it away from him. Maybe I stop by, who’s to say? Anyway, good luck kid, keep throwing your name out online, it works for everybody.”

In response to that veiled threat, Breakker again took to social media to deliver a message to Dolph Ziggler:

“@HEELZiggler mentioned coming to NXT and taking my title. You want the next shot after Santos [Escobar] come on down. Your move #Iwillsayittoyourface”

Now Ziggler has given the clearest indication yet that a confrontation with Breakker could come in the very near future. After Raw on the 7th of February, Ziggler told Schreiber:

“I didn’t [see the tweet], but I would assume that everyone in the locker room, including my tag partner Bob [have seen it]. They let me know. I appreciate it. People want to make a name for themselves, especially young up-and-comers, you wanna get your name out there… you wanna go above and beyond. NXT is a big deal. Being NXT Champion is a really big deal, but sometimes you want to be an even bigger deal.”

“I appreciate the effort, but don’t try to make a name at [my expense]. Because after a while it’s funny, but then you want to slap the hell out of him sometimes. So, if you make it personal towards me, I take it personal. But we can all have a laugh, right?”

“I heard NXT is on Syfy tomorrow. Big night for NXT, big night for the champ. I’m off tomorrow. Anybody could show up, right? Maybe NXT on Syfy gets even bigger.”

Bron Breakker will defend his NXT Championship for the first time as he faces Legado del Fantasma’s Santos Escobar on the 15th of February Vengeance Day edition of NXT 2.0.