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Dolph Ziggler Is The Number One Contender For The NXT Championship

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler defeated Tommaso Ciampa in the main event of NXT 2.0 and will face Bron Breakker at Stand & Deliver!

Former World Champion has been looking to add the NXT Championship to his list of accolade ever since he appeared on the February 8th episode of NXT 2.0 to confront Bron Breakker after the NXT Champion called out Ziggler on social media. That appearance also saw the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion called out by Tommaso Ciampa, as Ziggler was running down NXT and calling it a small time operation.

Bron Breakker opened the show to say that he would be walking into WrestleMania weekend as NXT Champion and he intended to walk out still the champion. This brought out Dolph Ziggler, who would be facing Tommaso Ciampa in the main event of the show. The two went back and forth, with Dolph Ziggler offering some championship advice to the young star, and going on to say that as soon as he walked through the door he was the biggest star in the building.

After Bron Breakker defended himself, Dolph Ziggler went on to declare that the current champion has the night off, and not only that, but he is to be barred from ringside during the main event to ensure he doesn’t get involved or cost Ziggler the match.

Midway thorough the show, Bron Breakker came into the dressing room where Tommaso Ciampa was working out and said that he would be watching the main event. Ciampa said that he needed to know who the better man was between the two of them, as they each have one win over each other. The NXT Champion said that he was looking forward to the rubber match, indicating that he wanted to face Ciampa instead of Ziggler at Stand & Deliver.

When the main event match took place, both men took their share of punishment, displaying an urgency at wanting a chance at the NXT Championship. In the end, someone dressed as a cameraman attacked Ciampa with his camera while the referee’s attention was averted, and once Ziggler secured a pinfall victory, the mystery assailant was revealed to be none other than fellow Dirty Dawg Robert Roode.

The Dirty Dawgs celebrated after the match, but were run off by Bron Breakker coming to the aid of Tommaso Ciampa, who was still lying prone in the ring. Breakker challenged the Dirty Dawgs to a tag team match against himself and Ciampa for next week’s episode of NXT 2.0. The show went off the air with a ringside brawl between all the men involved.

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Tommaso Ciampa teamed with a returning Finn Balor in a successful effort to take on Dolph Ziggler and tag team partner Robert Roode.