Dolph Ziggler Confronts Bron Breakker On NXT 2.0

Dolph Ziggler Bron Breakker

Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler made a surprise appearance on NXT 2.0 and interrupted the contract signing between Bron Breakker and Santos Escobar!

Tension has been ratcheting up on social media in recent weeks between WWE veteran Dolph Ziggler and the reigning NXT Champion Bron Breakker ever since Ziggler dismissed LA Knight’s notion that Ziggler should come to NXT 2.0. When Knight confronted the Dirty Dawgs, the former World Champion replied that he doesn’t work Tuesdays.

Bron Breakker seemingly took exception to that comment as he shared a GIF of Ziggler being eliminated from the Royal Rumble by rap star Bad Bunny and accompanied it with the message:

“Says he doesn’t work on Tuesdays … apparently he can’t work on Saturday either”

Ziggler was asked about the comment by Sarah Schreiber after last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, but the Dirty Dawg said that he didn’t know who Bron Breakker was. In response, the NXT Champion once again took to social media and called out the Raw star.

“@HEELZiggler mentioned coming to NXT and taking my title. You want the next shot after Santos come on down. Your move #Iwillsayittoyourface”

Once again asked by Sarah Schreiber to comment on the situation, Dolph teased that he might be making an appearance on SyFy to stop Breakker from trying to make a name for himself at the former World Champion’s expense.

“I appreciate the effort, but don’t try to make a name at [my expense]. Because after a while it’s funny, but then you want to slap the hell out of him sometimes. So, if you make it personal towards me, I take it personal. But we can all have a laugh, right?”

“I heard NXT is on Syfy tomorrow. Big night for NXT, big night for the champ. I’m off tomorrow. Anybody could show up, right? Maybe NXT on Syfy gets even bigger.”

Sure enough, while Wade Barrett was officiating a contract signing between Bron Breakker and Santos Escobar for their upcoming championship match at Vengeance Day, the Show Stealer himself made a grand entrance and interrupted the proceedings. He seemed unimpressed with the NXT Champion and asked him who he was.

“Time is money and I don’t get paid by the hour and I got a plane to catch so I’ve got one thing to say to you…. who the hell are you?”

The son of Rick Steiner replied that he was the NXT Champion, and the reason Ziggler was here. He said that he would take care of the Raw star once he was finished with Santos Escobar, but Ziggler was unimpressed with the idea of waiting in line or with giving into the crowd’s chants for a triple threat match.

Ziggler began to list his numerous accomplishments over his long tenure in WWE, and said that he was aware that out of every 100 matches, 99 tend to not go his way. However, he bragged about his ability and that he can steal the show any day of the week. He said that out of all the accolades, he’s never had one of them, and showed that he was interested in becoming NXT Champion to complete his list.

This led to an interruption from Tommaso Ciampa, who said “Hard pass” to the idea of Ziggler as NXT Champion and began patronizing the former World Champion, calling him “kid.” Ziggler ran down the idea of NXT being Ciampa’s home, saying that the same 100 people cheered for him week in and week out, and Ciampa attacked Ziggler for the comments, leading to a brawl with all of the men in the ring.

The end of the brawl saw Legado del Fantasma eventually put Bron Breakker through a table, and Escobar said that everything happens on his time. He finished by saying “See you next week, young champion.”

While Breakker will have his hands full with Legado del Fantasma next week at Vengeance Day, tensions between him and Ziggler are certainly far from over, and it remains to be seen when the two will clash once again.