Doc Gallows Recalls Triple H Forgetting His Lines On Live TV

CM Punk Triple H

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have discussed the pressure to remember scripted lines in WWE and revealed even the best can trip up on live television.

Gallows and Anderson, known as The Good Brothers are the former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions. The pair have recently been seen in AEW at the side of AEW Champion Kenny Omega and IMPACT executive Don Callis.

The former Bullet Club stars were released from WWE in April 2019 after 3 years with the company. This was Gallows’ second spell in the company having competed there from 2006 until 2010. During that spell, Gallows would be part of the Straight Edge Society led by CM Punk.

On their Talk’N Shop podcast, Gallows and Anderson discussed WWE’s use of scripted promos. The two discussed extras being given lines to remember in what might be their first time on television. This led to Gallows recalling the story of being in the ring with Triple H. Gallows noted that even The Cerebral Assassin needs a hand now and then.

Doc Gallows explained:

“We’re in the ring one time. I’m 25, so I still have the nerves. I’m with [CM] Punk and Serena [Deeb] and Triple H. I remember being there and you think that these guys don’t f*ck anything up, ever. We’re standing in the ring, Punk and Hunter are promoing back and forth, they do something, Punk gets a pop, Hunter gets a pop, and then Hunter drops the mic to his pecs and goes, ‘What’s my line?’ and Punk [feeds it to him]. Even those guys, it’s hard to remember all those f*cking lines.”

Live television can be a headache for any performer. Drew McIntyre found that out on an edition of Raw Talk where the passionate Scotsmen dropped an F-bomb live.

Credit: Talk’N Shop

h/t Fightful for the transcription