D’Lo Brown Recalls Owen Hart Calming His Nerves With A Mid-Match Rib

Owen Hart

D’Lo Brown has discussed his experiences with the late great Owen Hart in the ring and the hilarious lengths Hart went to to put him at ease.

Brown shared his memories of Hart with the documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring. Owen Hart featured in the season two finale of the series which covered the tragic accident that caused his untimely death 22 years ago this month.

In a deleted scene former WWE Intercontinental Champion D’Lo Brown talked about the prank Hart pulled on him in the ring to help him relax:

“I remember having a match where it’s me and Owen and I’m particularly stiff and Owen’s going, ‘calm down, kid. Calm down.’ I’m just nervous for some reason. I don’t know why. So Owen just starts wrestling me, putting me in and out of holds. Puts a chin lock on me and goes, ‘look down at your boot.’ I look down and my boot’s unlaced. How’d that happen? So, go forward, wrestle around again, wrestle around again. Snapmare, chin lock, [he says], ‘look at your other boot.’ My other boot’s unlaced. How did this happen? I know I laced my boots.”

“This never happens to me. Tuck my boot laces back down again. Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, snap mare. Puts me in a headlock again. I look, my boot, nothing. He goes, ‘look at the referee.’ I look at the referee, the referee’s shoe is untied. When I look at the referee’s shoe I started giggling and he goes, ‘are you relaxed now? Now let’s go wrestle.’ At that point [exhales calmy]. He could rib you, he could love you, he could play a joke on you all at the same time in front of 20,000 people and no one would ever know it. That’s how good he was.”

Season three of Dark Side Of The Ring began airing on VICE in early May with a two-part episode looking at Owen Hart’s fellow Hart Foundation member, Brian Pillman. The series continues with episodes dedicated to Ultimate Warrior, the plane ride from hell, and Chris Kanyon to come.

Credit: Dark Side Of The Ring

h/t Fightful for the transcription