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“It Didn’t Need To Be Said” – Road Dogg On Triple H’s AEW Jab

Road Dogg and DX at the WWE Hall of Fame

Road Dogg has revealed that he felt bad for Billy Gunn after Triple H’s infamous “pissant company” jibe towards AEW in 2019.

At the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony Triple H caused a stir during his acceptance speech as D-X were inducted alongside the likes of the Hart Foundation and The Honky Tonk Man.

During the speech, Triple did an impersonation of Vince McMahon saying he would fire anyone he wanted. To which Billy Gunn joked that he couldn’t be fired. (Gunn had recently signed with AEW) As the crowd chanted “AEW,” Triple H shot back that McMahon, would “buy that pissant company, just to fire you again.”

The comments unsurprisingly sparked much chatter online, and are seen as one of the first barbs throw towards AEW from WWE.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Oh… You Didn’t know,’ Road Dogg reflected on the situation explaining how he felt bad for Billy Gunn. In short, he didn’t believe that the comments needed to be made.

“Look, it didn’t, so I am always closer with Billy than I have been with anybody else, Billy and X-Pac. But, so I felt bad for Billy, look at the time, I get it, I get why he said it. But it didn’t need to be said and I understand why it was said and it was all in fun, but it did make me feel bad for Billy for a bit. I mean he works there, you know what I mean, he’s just trying to get along too. It’s not a hill I’m gonna die on, but I felt bad for Billy right then.”

During a recent Q&A event, Billy Gunn said that he let the comments go because his wife was present, but he actually wanted to punch Triple H in the face.

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