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“Didn’t Everyone?” – Hurricane On Whether He Had A Crush On Molly Holly

Molly Holly

Two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms, known in WWE as The Hurricane, has hilariously responded to a fan who asked whether he ever had a crush on Molly Holly.

Hurricane – who won the European Championship, Hardcore Championship, and held the Tag Team Championships with Kane and Rosey respectively – was taking part in a mini Q&A session on Twitter, whereby he revealed how he pitched for Mike Awesome to join the Hurri-League. A fan asked about fellow Hurri-League member ‘Mighty Molly’ and whether Helms had a crush on her, to receive the perfect response.

“Didn’t everyone?”

Helms, of course, wrestled as the iconic ‘Hurricane’ character in WWE, an homage to Green Lantern (the logo of which Helms has a tattoo) with great success – almost instantly winning the European Championship from Matt Hardy. Upon his alignment with Molly Holly, AKA Mighty Molly, the pair would enter the arena in a Hurri-Cycle and formed a formidable team up until Molly betrayed Hurricane at WrestleMania X8 to defeat Helms for the Hardscore Championship.

Molly Holly made an appearance on WWE RAW Legends Night earlier this month. Meanwhile ‘Hurricane’ appeared in AEW last year before Shane Helms returned to WWE later in the year in a backstage role.