Did WWE Just Confirm Vince McMahon’s Involvement In WrestleMania 39?

Vince McMahon

When Vince McMahon returned to WWE, the company and the man himself were at pains to knock back any suggestions that he would be involved in creative.

However, as time has passed, that stance appears to have gradually changed. It has been reported that Triple H has admitted to discussing creative with McMahon while in the lead-up to Elimination Chamber, this seemingly went one step further. Ahead of the show it was reported that McMahon “had input” in the storyline featuring Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns.

Just days later, eagle-eyed fans claim to have discovered proof that McMahon is indeed pulling the strings backstage, at least to an extent.

In new graphics advertising the WrestleMania main event between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes the two protagonists appear on fake movie posters as WWE continues its ‘WrestleMania goes Hollywood’ theme. However, an interesting name made an appearance at the bottom of one of these posters. In the credits at the bottom of the poster, fans spotted that it states “Directed by Vince McMahon.”

Of course, this could be someone within the company trying to get a laugh out of the Executive Chairman and troll fans, but it could be further proof that McMahon is more involved in creative than was initially let on.

WWE Hall Of Famer Comes To The Defence Of Vince McMahon

After retiring from his role with the company in July 2022 surrounded by allegations of serious sexual misconduct, Vince McMahon returned to WWE’s Board of Directors on January 6th. From here he was elected Executive Chairman while claiming that he was only returning to help with upcoming media rights negotiations and the sale of the company.

However, it was recently reported that McMahon is being seen as a “hindrance” to the sale process.

Despite this, Alundra Balyze recently came to the defence of McMahon stating that she’s always been “Vince’s girl.”